Performance as a form of visual art.

In this piece inspired by the Greek tragedy Medea, the primacy of the text is abandoned in favor of a visual scenic creation in its spatial, physical, even bodily dimensions, giving rise to constructions that go beyond the scripturally established myth. It is a creation aimed at the disarticulation of the logical, clear, and understandable word; A piece made of gestures, movement, and dance. Tragoidia is a dramaturgy of the image, in which the exaltation of the senses is key. A universe that permits the spectator to enter the ritualistic dream state where the myth is reborn.


concept by Olga Gabrielle

based on the Greek myth of Medea

music by Adriano Nanof

lighting design collaboration Egmar Irausquin

with Eribert de Lamarre, Elvis Lopez, Egmar Irausquin Roberta Romelli, Natusha Croes, Ligia Violenus, Marjorie Verneer and Pamela de Coteau.

TRAGOIDIA , the process