Is an immersive piece that looks at life as a constructed fragmented reality that revolves around cyclical repetitions.


Passages, people, moments that exist past each other. 

Inconsistencies and illogicalities expressing the essential meaning of humanity.

A conglomeration of past and present passages of society.


The emphasis on fragments of reality in appearance without meaning propitiates a quality of absurdity, similar to being immersed in a dream. This constructed piece of the contradictory world we live in should be examined as performance ... without paying attention to what performance is. Everything and anything can be viewed as passages of performance.


concept, scenic/lighting, dramaturgy, and direction by Olga Gabrielle

music by Adriano Nanof

costumes by Olga Gabrielle

with Nuris Lampe, Marjorie Verneer, Velvet Zoe Ramos, Ligia Violenus, Effie Abath, Sefan van der Kist.