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Memoria di e paisahe 2020

Sotavento symbolizes the reunion between man, nature and the spirits of the past that have inhabited the Caribbean island and its waters, it’s history. The artist engages with the landscape, by inserting herself receptively to connect with the physical, imaginative, and spiritual inner flows it provides. A return to nature as a need for individual and social refoundation. An act of resistance.


In this work, the photographic series of Terra Incognita is presented in a large format book case allowing for the, one on one, ritual of unveiling its content. By doing so, one is able to intimately immerse and experience the haunting images of Terra incognita. Evocative images of human solitude and the incomprehensible vastness of nature. Furthermore, these images are interspaced with additional layers of information and meaning such as intaglio printing of key ideas of the void and silence, as well as, silkscreen details of the artist’s own hair and infused throughout with poetic texts by Olga Gabrielle. 

Terra Incognita 2017-2019

The introspective journey

Within this archaic landscape and facing the vastness of the open ocean the artist allowed her inner self to be manifest.  It is this deeper connection induced by the natural environment that forms the source of what she aims to express with her imagery. An imagery that encompasses contrasting elements such as primeval landscape and the impermanence of human existence, Forces of nature and the fragility of the human body, immersion as well as identity and anonymity.



Ode to Rembrandt-9829-2.jpg

With Requiem, Olga Gabrielle looks into the life of an artist whose works are engraved in the human psyche, the Titan of The Dutch Golden Age, Rembrandt van Rijn. In this creation, constructed fragments of his life are juxtaposed with present day reality. Through this voyage an intimate universe of the painter is revealed… a landscape transcending the material, where life is an illusory dream in which men as physical entities are no more than phantoms.


Corpus Uncollectible, 2018

For Olga Gabrielle, 'space' is a medium as important as 'the body'. In Corpus Uncollectible, the space of the performance is not only a stage for a series of actions and sounds. Here, space is also the binder that intertwines the experience of the spectator and the artist. Recognizing that space is far from being a passive element, Gabrielle questions its integrity through elements such as mirrors that expose the malleability of how we experience space. 

Rectángulo-Desconcierto 10, 2018

Rectangulo-10, makes reference to the numerical construction of the all-encompassing Universe according to the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras. This piece is a collaboration with poetry from Cuban artist, Adonis Ferro.


In Rectangulo, Olga Gabrielle explores the relationships between landscape and existence, ritualization and embodiment, and silence and the spaces it claims. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 8.32.17 PM.png

Tragoidia, 2017

With Tragoidia, Olga Gabrielle creates a piece inspired by the Greek tragedy of Medea, where the primacy of the text is abandoned in favor of a visual scenic creation. This creation in its spatial and bodily dimensions, gives rise to constructions that go beyond the scripturally established myth.


A universe that permits the spectator to enter the ritualistic dream state where the myth is reborn. A labyrinthine time…

AGON, 2016


The multidisciplinary creation, Agon is an intercultural elaboration where Caribbean bodies and rhythms merge with the emotional impulse of the Greek tragedy. The body of the performer becomes a living organism, creating a bridge between performer and spectator.


AGON is an alchemical immersive space where one experiences the transformations of the body and where tragedy is celebrated.

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