I see my artistic practice as a way of exploring the physical and metaphorical spaces I occupy, particularly on my native island. 

I approach my work as a means of investigation into my personal experiences and how they relate to the communities I am in. My immediate surroundings constantly inform what I conceptualize and how I develop my thoughts within a physical space. I see it as a way of communicating things that cannot be put into words and ultimately as a practice of resistance. 

As a multidisciplinary artist, I make use of my background in the performing arts as a starting point to take a deeper look into human behavior and thought. My performances have allowed me to infuse my practice with the human experience and experiment with the relationship between the body (often my own) and nature. The Aruban landscape has become a companion, collaborator, and my stage. The spectator is another important element of my work. I see my work as an opportunity to interact with the impermanent and allow the spectator to question their understanding of our complex society and humanity.

I seek a clear presence in my aesthetic language through strong or dramatic elements such as lighting, color, and powerful gestures. The use of sound allows me to create immersive experiences both for myself as well as for the spectator. The spaces I inhabit alone or with others become stages for non-verbal dialogues and reflection.


Sotavento, 2019.

Online exhibit.

Terra Incognita, 2020.

UNOCA Gallery. Oranjestad, Aruba.


 Miami new media festival, 2020.

Miami new media festival censorship edition XV as special guest. Aruba CDC, Miami DORCAM, Miami Laundromat Artspace, Philadelphia Peripheral, Museo Archeologico di Olbia, Sardinia, airWG Amsterdam & online MNMF channel, Miami.

 Poetics of The Coast, 2020.

 Uniarte. Willemstad, Curacao.

 Intangible, San Nicolas, 2019.

Con Alida Martínez. San Nicolas, Aruba.

Proposal, Archivo Nacional, 2018.

by Stichting GAST ANA. Aruba. 

Islas Inutiles, OT301, 2018.

Oudwest Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Miami New Media Festival, 2018.

San Nicolas, Aruba.